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We DIY Electronics and we're eager to share our passion with others! Here you'll find several online resources that'll help you on your journey as a Maker.

WeMos D1 Mini (ESP8266): Relay Shield

Turn any device on and off wirelessly with a WeMos D1 Relay Shield!

WeMos D1 Mini (ESP8266): Getting Started

Start programming the ESP8266 on your Wemos D1 Mini!

ESP8266: Controlling WS2812B RGB LEDs (NeoPixels)

Control WS2812B RGB LEDs (aka NeoPixels) with the ESP8266‚Äč!

ESP8266: Programming In JavaScript Using Espruino Firmware

Program the ESP8266 with JavaScript using the Espruino firmware!

ESP8266: Programming Using The Arduino IDE

Quickly start programming an ESP8266 (ESP-12E) using the Arduino IDE!

ESP8266: Using I2C OLED Screens (SSD1306)

Connect an OLED screen to an ESP8266 and display graphics, data, and much more over the 2-wire i2c protocol!

ESP8266: Custom iOS App for LED Control

Build your first iOS App to wirelessly control LEDs connected to the ESP8266 using XCode 7 and Swift 2.

ESP8266: Visualizing Temp/Humidity Data

Visualize data from an internet-connected Temperature and Humidity sensor powered by the ESP8266 Serial to Wi-Fi adapter!

DevKit (ESP8266): Getting Started

Quickly start programming the ESP8266 using AT+Commands, NodeMCU, or your own Arduino firmware!

What Is The ESP8266 And Why Is It So Popular?

Wondering what all the buzz is about with the ESP8266? Here are the reasons behind its poularity!