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We DIY Electronics and we're eager to share our passion with others! Here you'll find several online resources that'll help you on your journey as a Maker!

Arduino: Installing Libraries

​Step-by-step guide covering how to install libraries in your Arduino IDE.

Arduino Activity 6: Buzzer

Generate different tones and control their volume by hooking up a little buzzer to your Arduino!

Arduino Activity 5: Tilt Sensor

Use a ball switch sensor to signal, using an LED, when something is tilted!

Arduino Activity 4: RGB LEDs

Generate beautiful colors and lighting effects using RGB LEDs!

Arduino Activity 3: Push Button

Turn on an LED after detecting when a push button is pressed using Arduino.

Arduino Activity 2: LEDs

Step up your LED-blinking skills and control their brightness with your Arduino!

Arduino Activity 1: Blink

Your first venture into the wonderful world of microcontrollers: blinking an LED!

Arduino: Getting Started

Set up a Linux, Windows, or OSX computer to work with any Arduino or Arduino-compatible board!